Antibacterial, Air Pollution Neutralising…. Tiles?

Did you ever think porcelain tiles could be good for the environment?

Classic Ceramics is proud that one of our main suppliers (an Italian factory called Mirage) is actively focused on the reduction of emissions and energy consumption. Mirage has achieved numerous environmental certifications such as Ecolabel and LEED classifications.ecolabel




Something I just found out today when researching this article was many of Mirage’s porcelain tile ranges, specifically Lab, Norr, Oxy, Stones, Tribeca and Triboo actually contain between 20 to 40% recycled material.

What I really wanted to talk about though was a new Mirage tile treatment which is particularly environmentally green.

Do you know what a catalytic converter is?  Every car since 1975 has one, and thankfully so or our air quality would be much dirtier! A catalytic converter is installed in your cars exhaust system, the catalyst is comprised of various precious metals which react with your exhaust and significantly helps reduce nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide emissions. The main reactive component of catalytic converters is titanium dioxide. Now that you know this bit of trivia, how does this relate to tiles?

Mirage have newly developed a tile treatment for some of their tile ranges called Hy-Pro24 which is tiles embedded with the same titanium dioxide as your car’s catalytic converter.MIRAGE_HY-PRO242-660x466

Pollution decreasing tiles

100 square metres of Hy-Pro24 tiles, when exposed to the sun’s UV rays is the pollution reducing equivalent of 100 adult trees. This is great for external building use in cities where the population of real trees would be limited.

Self cleaning

In 1995 Akira Fujishima and his group discovered the superhydrophilicity phenomenon for titanium dioxide coated glass exposed to sun light. This resulted in the development of self-cleaning glass and anti-fogging coatings. Similarly now Mirage have applied it to tiles, when installed on the vertical wall of a building it creates a self cleaning tile.

Anti-microbial too!

Some metals are naturally anti-microbial, silver and copper and more commonly known examples of self-sanitising metals. Hy-Pro24 tiles, which have active metal elements included are also naturally anti-microbial.