Artistic Feature Walls

Komino is a Japanese made range of beautiful and interesting wall-only feature tiles that are newly available exclusively at Classic Ceramics.


The Komino range of tiles can be used as a full wall but is more often used as a wall hung artistic feature. With these colourful tiles on your wall you will have something extremely unique.

Come in to our Leichhardt showroom and see them on display.

Komino Vitcela


Special Tiles for Special Swimming Pools

Classic Ceramics have exclusive access to a range of 20mm thick porcelain stoneware tiles from Italian factory Mirage called Evo_2. The Evo_2 range is a complete modular system for public and residential outdoor areas available in over 40 attractive interpretations of stone, wood or concrete.

I particularly wanted to talk about the non-slip Evo_2 modular range for swimming pools. The range has many different pre-cut pieces available to coping, grates and corners of the swimming pool which can be either straight edge or rounded bullnose.

evo 2 norr

tile colours


modular pool tiles

Time Saving

The pre-cut modular system saves time and expense due to the tiler not needing to cut the pool tiles to the right shape.

Seamless Integration 

The colours and patterns in the external Evo_2 paving tiles are also available in indoor 10mm versions in various sizes. Full compatibility allows for seamless transition when walking from inside to outside.

Doesn’t Change Colour

Because it is fully resistant to frost, sun, mould, and requires no treatment. Washable also with a high pressure washer.

Cool Too

Some Evo_2 colours have a solar reflective index between 60% and 80% meaning the porcelain tile has a low heat absorption.

pool tile grate

Cutting Metal Mosaic Tiles

In most cases metal mosaic tiles will come in the form of a stainless steel capping which is glued on top of a ceramic base. They come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes,  usually ranging from as large as 10 x 10cm, down to 1 x 1cm.

304 grade stainless steel is the most common metal for mosaic tiles, and to a lesser extent copper and aluminium. Although 304 is not 306 marine grade stainless steel and not rated for outdoor use, from my own experience I have had a 10 x 10cm test piece sitting outside my back door exposed to the elements for over a year and it is as shiny as the day I put it there (and I live right next to a salt water lake.) I’d be interested to see how long it lasts soaking in salt water.

stone and stainless steel mosaic tile
‘Chain Mail’ Available at Classic Ceramics

Cutting Metal Tiles

Mosaic tiles which incorporate metal pieces cannot be cut with a tile scoring tool. It should ideally be cut with a continuous diamond blade electric water cooled saw.

Avoid using an electric saw which is not water cooled as it will leave scorch marks on the stainless steel.

If no water cooled electric saw is available then stainless steel mosaic tiles can also be cut by hand with a ceramic tile hacksaw.



A Very Unique Tile

Classic Ceramics are now importing an exclusive range of Italian stone tiles into the Australian market unlike anything else. These tiles from Petra Antiqua are very beautiful and unique in that nearly all the range is heavily engraved, often it’s hard to believe some of the finishes have been applied to real stone. These premium tiles are suitable for the high end residential and commercial customer and can be viewed in our Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne showrooms.

Metallic Tiles

Much of the Petra Antiqua range is embedded with gold or silver glazes as well as metallic finishes in many other colours. These finishes added to travertine stone produce some very luxurious designs. There are so many attractive designs available it would be pages and pages of photos if I were to post them all.

petra anticqua tiles

red travertine

engraved stone tile10s_gr

Petra Antiqua Stone

Petra Antiqua Wall

Petra Antiqua Floor

All engraved into real stone, unbelievable right?

Come into Classic Ceramics for more details.

Fornasetti Tiles

Piero Fornasetti (10 November 1913 – 9 October 1988) was an internationally famous Italian artist most famous for his art with the repeated use of the same woman’s face. There are many collectors of his work which seek after these vintage works and today it’s most common to find his works in ceramics, plates, lamps, scarves, ties and furniture.

theme-variations-decorative-plate-363-bee-on-nose Piero-Fornasetti-1 pg_501261590_zm1 newcollection001 Fornasetti_LaLunamotif fornasetti fornasetti-640x640 501822332_product_1 631e81d9gw1enqf20xx2ej20j90e3q71 036-piero-fornasetti-theredlist 1-fornasetti1
Vintage Fornasetti style chest of drawers Architectural Hand Painted
Vintage Fornasetti style chest of drawers Architectural Hand Painted

Other common features in Fornasetti art is the sun, moon and stars, playing cards, animals and surrealistic images, quite often in just black and white in a style which resembles engraving.

As a special order Classic Ceramics can supply a range of Fornasetti decorative wall tiles, many of which are plated with real gold or platinum.

fornasetti tiles

Fornasetti tiles