The Difference Between Carrara & Calacatta Marble

So you’ve been Googling the difference between carrara and calcutta and you’ve come across this blog post.

Well look no further I’m here to answer that for you today.  Carrara is a grayish marble with grey veining and Calcutta is a city in India.

Don’t worry you’re definitely not alone if you were calling it calcutta, it’s a very common mix up!


It’s actually called Calacatta.

Where Are They From?

Carrara marble is named because it is only found in Carrara, Italy. I wondered if calacatta marble comes from somewhere called Calacatta in Italy but no such place exists unfortunately, turns out calacatta marble comes from Carrara too.

Carrara is a pretty tiny place, pretty much just this dot on the map of Italy. They’ve been digging up carrara marble since the time of ancient Rome, kinda hoping they don’t run out, but if they do (incoming shameless plug) Classic Ceramics does happen to sell some pretty realistic looking carrara and calacatta porcelain tiles.

map of italy


Calacatta and Carrara Marble, What is The Difference?

Carrara tends to be a grayish white base colour with soft grey veining. Calacatta is much whiter and usually (but not always) thicker grey veining.

Carrara marble
Carrara marble
carrara marble slab
Carrara marble slab


Calacatta marble slab
Calacatta marble slab

As seen in the above photo calacatta marble can also have gold colouring throughout the stone.

Calacatta marble benchtop
Calacatta marble benchtop

Calacatta is rarer and the more premium and expensive of the two marbles. As a general rule the more white the marble is the higher the price.

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