Tiles FAQ

A list of frequently asked tiling questions.

Q: Are porcelain tiles easy to clean?

A: Yes, under normal circumstances glazed porcelain tiles are almost impervious and will not stain.

Q: If I seal an unglazed porcelain tile, will it still maintain the unglazed look?

A: If you use a penetrating sealer it will protect the tile with minimal change to the appearance.

Q: In a small room should I use a large tile or small tile to make it look bigger?

A: Large tile.

Q: How do I clean natural stone tiles?

A: Mild soap and water. Avoid abrasive cleaners or acidic cleaners such as vinegar as they will likely remove any sealer previously been applied.

Q: What is the best type of grout to use?

A: Epoxy grout is the best, it is stain and mould resistant.

Q: What is a rectified tile?

A: A rectified tile is first baked in sheets, then cut to size AFTER coming out of the kiln. This is why it can be calibrated to exact specifications. Rectified tile can be installed with “credit card” joints as small as 1mm”. Most other tile is first shaped and then baked afterwards in a kiln, so it often has as much as a 3 to 5mm or more difference in size between tiles in the same box.

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